Demonstration Mediumship

Demonstration of Mediumship

It looks as if everything stops, the moment we leave our physical body.
Beloved ones stay behind with their memories and material belongings, but what they miss is the essence of who we are: our habits, sense of humor and warmth. Those habits often come forward at a demonstration.
At a demonstration I want to show you that life doesn’t stop at our physical death and that our beloved ones in the Spirit World are still among us. With love and conciouss of what happens in our daily lives.
The purpose is to serve you something that helps you to continue in your daily life.
At those evenings (or afternoons) you can neary touch the presence of the Spirit World.

I can never garantee that everybody gets a message at our demonstrations, but you’ll become aware of the wonderful way the Spirit World manifests itself.

You can also organise a demonstration at your place.