About me

Robert Cash
A medium is like a transistor radio. Tuning to the right frequency enables communication with the World of Spirit. Like this, I can tell you who’s with you from the Spirit World and give you insight in the challenges on your pathway. 

Through the years I established a lovely relationship with the Spirit World, which makes that Mediumship is sacred for me. The Spirit World is not a far away place in the universe, but a paralel world, closer then your own breath. It’s a world of love and light that only wants us to be happy. I try to be the best medium for both worlds. Each time I’m grateful when I get the opportunity to work with Spirit. Education I’m  a PAS- holder of the Spiritualist National Union since July 2016. I studied for many years at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK), followed courses at the ‘Gordon Higginson Fellowship’ and at the ‘International Spiritualist Federation. I to work regularly with  Martine De Baeke, Ria Spanjaard en Debby Sasso.