Medium Robert

“The World of Spirit is not a far  away place somewhere in the universe, but a world parallel to ours;

It is a world even closer than our own breath;
 a world of love and light.”

Being passionate about Spiritualism, I studied the last 10 years at the Arthur Findlay College, The International Spiritualist Federation and the Gordon Higginson Fellowship.
In May 2019 I received in Cambridge the ‘Certificate of Recognition’ of the Spiritualist National Union for my mediumistic work.

An article about Robert in Flair, soon to be translated

Medium Robert about mediumship

During a private-sitting we look at the different aspects of your life on a physical, mental and emotional level.
In general I often become quickly aware of the presence of your beloved ones in the World of Spirit, who step into my aura. They want to let you know they are still around and aware of what’s going on in your life.

You might be looking for one specific person in the Spirit World, but it can happen that first others make their appearance. This might be necessary to build up the energy so your beloved one can contact me as well. You don’t need to bring pictures, I work directly with the Spirit World.
A private-sitting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. I work for 50 minutes and we have another 10 minutes to answer your questions. If you would like to have a private sitting, please be so kind to send me an email.

Whatch a Zoom-video of a private sitting in Dutch

It feels like everything stops when we leave our physical body. Our beloved ones are left behind with memories and some material goodies.

What they really miss is the essence of who we are; our habits, sense of humour, warmth and involvement. Those elements come to the foreground at a demonstration of survival. Not only serious matters, but often also the humour of the person in the Spirit World comes across. A demonstration gives evidence of survival, that our beloved ones are still with us , with love and aware of what’s going on in our daily lives. The purpose is to give you something that enables you to continue your life. The demonstrations are evenings where the presence of the Spirit is nearly touchable. During those evenings you can witness the unique way in which the Spirit World communicates.

...he can't possibly know the things he tells about my grandfather


Hi Robert,

I would like to thank you again for your availability. I also wanted to give you the feedback that many other details you mentioned made sense to me later.

It was a very warm experience. I felt loved, and I felt a confirmation that life is indeed eternal. At this point in my earthly experience this help me a lot to move forward.

See you soon

Last night I finally managed to come to one of your spiritual evenings,
it was very interesting/fascinating.

I felt all the time happy and grateful even tough I had a sore shoulder which was gone after the healing you gave me.

The three of you can be proud of yourselves, it’s not to underestimate what you guys are doing!

Ria M

Hello Robert

I deeply appreciated the sitting with you and all its effects. I would ask you to never underestimate the power of seemingly easily spoken words, the way you present it is very natural and clear. I am enjoying still very much to feel Bruno so close around me, also in reading in the akasha chronic, it brought our relationship further in the spirit world.

Okay, I will check the courses online and looking forward to meeting you soon, probably at the afc, wishing you a very good time.

With loving thanks and appreciation

Dear Robert, good and lovely Robert,

Thanks for the demonstration, last saturday, with the pretty Martine.

You people have your hearts at the right place. I love to come august 1st to the Keizerskapel.

I don’t expect to get a contact than for I’ve been spoiled enough, but I’ll come out of respect for you

Warm regards, Rita Goyvaerts